We believe that growing in your knowledge of God's word is a key part of discipleship. Being able to Know His word and apply its principles in our everyday walk allows God to move within our lives, transforming us like only He can. 


We have Several different classes going on here at Destiny church.  Below is a little bit of information on some of the classes available at Destiny, and when they might be going on during the year. 

Discovery Classes are a series of 4 Classes that happen throughout the year. They will help you understand more of who we are, what we believe as a Church and will help you discover your spiritual gifts and how they can be applied to church life.

101:  Church Vision


This class serves as a foundation for understanding

who we are as a church and ministry, what we believe. 

and why we are here in St. Augustine.

201:  Evangelism Training


Why I am a Christian and not a Hindu, Muslim or anything else?

Here we go deeper into what we believe as Christians & what makes us different from the other religions out there.


301:  Spiritual Gift Discovery


God has equipped each and every person with gifts and abilities. Understanding and using those gifts is a key part of Christian life. In this class we will help you discover what gifts God has given you and how to use them for His glory.  

401:  Discipleship through Involvment


Our desire is to see you fulfill God's calling both in your life and in the churches life. Here we will show you: how to be more involved in the life of Destiny Church, the different teams that play a role in our ministry, and help you discover which team might be right for you!


Mid-Week Class Schedule

for 2017


Dec. 20th

Dec. 27th

January 2018

Preparing New Year's Resolutions for Personal Revival


Christmas - No Classes

Biblical Principles of Increase

Lauren Lewis


Pastor Donavan Tinsley