DC Kids


Every Sunday from 10:30-12PM


DC Kids is all about children. With exciting and dedicated leaders to programs that grab you child’s attention, we want to join with you in unwrapping the love and grace of Christ in your child’s life,  helping you to instill biblical values that will allow them to experience who God is and what He has for them!   

Elementary age Kids will enjoy the high energy and impact of our Spiritual Life Lessons we prepare each week. It will not only grab their attention, but also encourage them to learn more about God both at church and at home!  To help you with that, we provide your family weekly Bible verses, and take home devotionals. Each week we focus on a foundational topic for the upcoming week. We encouraging Parents to spend time studying God's Word with their kids d they come to Church.  That way you and your kids will be prepared for what we will be talking about every week and grow in your understanding of God’s word as a family unit. We are partners in stewarding and training the next Generation for the Kingdom of God. Together we are connecting this Generation to the Presence, Power and Purposes of God.